How will this help us reach our community for Christ?

Our new construction coupled with the recent renovation of space will allow us to continue to impact our growing community for Christ as well as provide better and more effective space for our ongoing youth, fellowship and community outreach ministries.


How will we pay for this?

We have faith that the people of Briarwood Baptist Church will rise to the challenge God has given us to grow His kingdom for the glory of Jesus Christ. With God’s help and your sacrificial giving, we will reach our goal of constructing this new facility which will open up greater ways to win, educate and disciple future generations.


What is the current financial condition of the church?

Briarwood Baptist Church is currently debt free!


How long is the commitment to this program?

We are asking each person to sacrificially give to the capital campaign for the next three years.


What does commitment mean?

Commitment means you and I are willing to believe God can provide through us what we cannot do alone. When we commit together collectively, we believe God will show up in a very powerful way.


Why should I sign a commitment card?

We believe we should be good stewards of God’s money.  Signing a commitment card for the “Building Faith—Reaching Generations” campaign will help Briarwood get a picture of our potential in and through the body of believers and what we can do collectively to further His kingdom’s work.


What are the different ways I can give?

First, we are asking you to give a sacrificial gift over and above your tithe for the next three years. Secondly, some may want to give some personal assets to the church for the “Building Faith—Reaching Generations” campaign. Third, some people may have other forms of gifts they may want to give to the campaign, such as investments and assets. There are people in our church that can help you in this area.


How can I help?

First and foremost, please PRAY regularly for our “Building Faith—Reaching Generations” campaign. Secondly, participate in the events and meetings that are designed for each one of us during the campaign. Make a commitment to learn as much as you can about the campaign and the vision it will help us realize. Speak positively to others who may have questions.  And third, give sacrificially. The vision God has granted us can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice.